Steve's Maxwell: Your Future Workout

Steve's Maxwell: Your Future Workout

Your Future Workout is beneficial for all ages and all conditions, especially for those seeking to wean themselves off the heavy resistance work and regain their youthful resiliance and vitality. - Steve Maxwell

Steve's Your Future Workout video runs approximately 11.5 minutes.

As he's reached his mid-sixties, Steve's workouts have evolved. He's realized that standard, heavy resistance work is no longer meeting his needs.

While traditional strength training is enough to maintain absolute strength, the all-important strength-endurance and mobility aspects of health will suffer -- yes, suffer.

There are literally hundreds -- if not thousands -- of mobility exercises but ever the minimalist, Steve has narrowed it down to the two most important that will give the best value for the effort:

the Spiderman Crawl
the Squat-Creep

With the spiderman crawl and squat-creep alone, you can remain agile and spry well into advanced age -- but wait, there's more: Steve has further combined these moves with his favorite body weight strength exercises -- and a few cardio respiratory drills -- for a complete, balanced workout.

This workout video is representative of what Steve considers the best way to combine the necessary physical training elements in order to remain youthful, strong, and spry.

Steve thanks London trainers Lydia Mok and Dominic Felix for their participation in this venture.


Steve's Maxwell: Your Future Workout

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