Steve Maxwell's Ageless Athlete Complete Set

Steve Maxwell's Ageless Athlete Complete Set

Ageless Athlete Training Series

Sustain your training! Preserve your strength!

In this series of extremely informative, follow-along tutorials, Steve Maxwell and Jim Smith collaborate and combine their vast library of knowledge of the physical body and its movements to deliver to you some of their best exercise techniques.

Double-down your resources

The techniques in these videos will improve strength and mobility -- to keep you strong-for-the-long haul.

Steve and Jim dig deep into their bags of tricks and offer interesting and practical variations to keep your training fresh and productive.

Both Steve and Jim realized long ago that in order to reap the greatest strength-building profit of a progressive training program, it is’ not the weight you lift per se -- nor even the reps performed -- but HOW you execute each exercise that brings the results you won’t regret later.

Why should you exchange your money for this effort? Because your investment brings back four score and seven years of experience. Steve Maxwell and Coach Smith have been doing this a long time and have turned their experience of the good, the bad and the ugly, into wisdom, which is fueled by their natural good-heartedness and philanthropy. They really and truly want to help you overcome your limitations brought on by earlier mistakes (mistakes like they made themselves back in the day) so you can continue to grow in the activities you love, because they share your same enthusiasm.

Who should consider this series?

Anyone interested in learning some new insights on strength and exercising and open to looking at their training from a different point of view -- specifically, the long view. Steve and Jim are veteran coaches and have seen and dealt with (and rehabilitated) countless injuries and acquired the skills to prevent such injuries, maintain training, and recover as good or better than before... and they want to help you succeed in your goals.

Who shouldn’t buy this series? Anyone resistant to change and new ideas who feels more comfortable rigid and immobile.

Grow strong! Train young!

Running 01 hour 19 minutes

Running 48 minutes

Running 51 minutes

Running 23 minutes

Steve Maxwell's Ageless Athlete Complete Set

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