The Specimen Workouts

The Specimen Workouts


Want to be a specimen... or just train like one?

Steve has created three outstanding workouts based upon his 5-Pillars movement system. These specimen workouts are excellent as a follow-along guide, or simply as inspiration. Please keep in mind: your reps will vary.

These specimen workouts are exemplars of the potency of Steve's 5-Pillars system.

Once you view these workouts, your questions about program construction will be answered. Hey, but even if you're just lazy, there's no reason not to simply follow along in the trail blazed for you by Steve -- the workouts are terrific.

"Shannon": Beginner/Intermediate 9-exercise circuit
"Scott": Advanced 12-exercise Circuit
"Steve": High-Intensity 4x3 circuit

"Shannon" is appropriate for beginner-to-intermediate level.
"Scott" and "Steve" are both intermediate-to-advanced.

Shannon & Scott Workouts

"Shannon": Beginner/Intermediate 9-exercise circuit. Running time: 15:14 actual workout is 13:49

"Scott": Advanced 12-exercise Circuit. Running time: 22:20 actual workout is 21:00

"Shannon" and "Scott" are demonstration workouts, with Steve coaching off camera

Steve's Workout

"Steve": High-Intensity 4x3 circuit. Running time: 17:10 actual workout is 13:15

"Steve" includes a voiceover commentary track by Steve.

What differentiates Intermediate from Advanced?

The number of repetitions you are able to do, and the style in which they are performed. For example, if advanced, you might be able to complete very slow, high-tension pullups, while an intermediate performs negative-only reps.

And yet, all trainees -- intermediate, advanced, or beginner -- receive commensurate benefits in strength, muscularity, and metabolic conditioning.

Quoth Steve:
"Body weight training has allowed me, Steve Maxwell, at 62 years of age, a satisfactory level of strength and conditioning, despite my full-time travel schedule of many years. Over the past 5 years, I've rarely trained inside a gym. With frequent travel, I haven't even had access to kettlebells. Despite this, I remain hale, hearty, and strong. I solemnly swear by the material demonstrated in this series."

Who will benefit from the Specimen workouts?

People with time-crunched lives

Anyone seeking ideas and inspiration in workout construction and performance

Anyone looking to complement the 5-Pillars video series with model workouts

Train like a specimen. It takes less time than you think.

The Specimen Workouts

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