Baby Crawling 101: The Berlin Files

Baby Crawling 101: The Berlin Files

This baby crawling program will keep you spry until the day you die!
--Steve Maxwell

Steve Maxwell’s Baby Crawling 101: the Berlin files

Part 1: the Drills
Part 2: the Workout

It’s well-documented that by re-tracing early developmental movement patterns -- those of infants and babies -- a more natural posture and gait can be restored in adults.

Even beyond restoration mobility, performing a steady diet of crawling patterns can increase absolute strength as well as improve reflexive strength and coordination.

Most adult humans progressively stiffen, along the way accumulating postural deformities, such as forward head and kyphosis. Steve has found that by re-enacting the movements of early childhood you can rid yourself of these defects and regain youthful mobility.

The exercises in this series can be used as a warm-up, post-exercise session reset, or for an active-recovery day.

If performed with adequate intensity, these basic human movement patterns will hold their own as a strenuous workout -- and Steve and Eileen show you how!

By doing these simple, childhood movements, you can actually improve performance in other sport activities or even other exercises. Many of Steve’s clients have noted that exercises with which they’d previously struggled, saw significant progress after a bout of Steve’s baby training protocols. The nervous system adapts to the new, basic human skill, improving performance where there once was struggle.

Also, increased muscular work-capacity is improved.

During his travels, Steve uses these (and similar) protocols in lieu of getting on the jiu jitsu mat . Even after weeks of being off the mat, by practicing these simple movements, Steve can make a seamless transition back to the mat. Give it a try!

For 26-minutes, Steve and Eileen demonstrate the basic exercises, following the hierarchy of human development.

As a follow-up bonus, Steve offers a sample 12-min workout of how you can put a sequence together in any space, perhaps as small as your living room; and this workout is only one of dozens of possibilities.

This video program is for anyone who finds themselves stiffening up with age or attitude -- chronological or biological -- and wishes to improve their ability and pleasure in playing with children, pets, and simply getting up and down from the floor with ease.

Even if you’re in pretty decent shape, and you want to add some crawling as an adjunct to your current sport, these movements have a preventative effect countering the aging process -- not in a superficial cosmetic way, but within the nervous system that resonates through the body and mind, and can be cultivated and expanded upon.

Who won’t benefit?
The humorless, the too cool.

How to use this video series:
Use this program as a regular routine, that is, incorporate the relevant movements daily. You can further use this routine as a warm-up before strength training, or as as a finisher following strength or conditioning work. Steve also suggests baby crawling protocols as a warm-up for sports, or a stand-alone conditioning workout -- especially effective as a complement to running or rope-skipping.

When done with adequate duration and intensity, this workout makes a fine replacement for conventional cardio activity -- especially if you don’t care for cycling or running.

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Baby Crawling 101: The Berlin Files

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